I understand that the food you want to have catered is more than sustenance, more even than an accessory;  it’s a vital element that can elevate the tone of your event. When the food you serve is designed to put people at ease, it communicates to your guest that they are treasured, and very welcomed. I take pride in being a stand for your guest feeling welcomed and treasured.



Founder & Supervising Chef

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 Shellie Porter brings over a decade of experience in the culinary arts and event services to her menus. With a culinary degree from the esteemed Johnson & Wales University, she is delighted to bring her unique flavor of simple, elegant, healthful dining to your event or home.

Today, when she’s preparing a dinner for 50 guests, or teaching a hands on cooking class; don’t be surprised that she makes it seem effortless. To Shellie, making sure everyone is taken care of is no big thing.

“Whether I am catering your event, preparing meals for your family, or teaching a parent/child cooking class, I love how food brings people together. Think about it- people eat, and people talk, even at the same time. Eating, talking and enjoying each other’s company are all woven together and I love this. I love how food can be elegant without being off-putting, and how whatever the cuisine, if the food is delicious, everyone is happy.”

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What made you want to be a chef?

I can honestly say it all started when I was four years old. It was Christmas day and I received a Fisher Price Kitchen Set. It was my favorite thing ever. At that moment I knew there was something magical about being in the kitchen

Who inspired you to learn how to cook?

I remember on Sundays, my mom would pack up me and my sister in the car and head over to my Grandma’s house. Each week, anywhere between 15-20 family members gathered in her small home, relaxing, talking, laughing and feasting. I was always amazed how food brought my family together. I learned so much about the heart and soul of cooking from my grandmother.

Why catering?

When I was about 9-years old I would invite my friends over to play restaurant. I would carefully write down each child’s order, and prepare and serve actual meals (usually spaghetti, to their delight). When I got older, I was the designated social director. What are we doing Friday night? I would get back to everyone with the plan, including the movie show-time and where we’re meeting for dinner. Your birthday is this weekend and you’re not having a party? Not on my watch. The party would be at my house with a delicious spread, the perfect ingredient for any event. My contribution to the world is being able to take my talent and create an experience for everyone to feel welcomed and enjoy good company over delicious food. Catering allows me to fulfill on my purpose.